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Specializing in top-notch full spectrum LED grow lights.
Your Best LED Lighting Supplier

Photonican is a professional full spectrum LED grow lights manufacturer comprised of a group of indoor gardening enthusiasts, including experts from the horticulture lighting group. We are dedicated to seeking a qualified lighting fixture for indoor growers to enhance crop improvement, prompting the establishment of our cultivation lab. Collaborating closely with US-based growers, we actively engage with the horticulture lighting group to comprehend their unique needs whenever possible. Photonican has maintained its devotion to focusing on R&D, design, and manufacturing of high-end energy-efficient indoor full cycle led grow lights and automation equipment for many years.

Photonican offers more than just a LED grow light; we provide a comprehensive one-stop cultivation solution, encompassing indoor lighting fixtures, automated cultivation equipment, and valuable technical advice (spectrum, PPF, nutritional supplements, and so on). Our commitment to excellence extends to commercial LED grow lights, ensuring that your grow space is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Most importantly, we not only deliver good quality products but also offer the best competitive wholesale LED lighting prices, making Photonican your trusted partner in achieving efficient and cost-effective indoor cultivation.

Maximize Your Growth Revenue at Minimum Cost

The table is the PPF comparison of different led full spectrum grow light brands certified by DLC Qualified Products Lists.
Photonican's LED grow lights stand out with similar power usage, offering a full spectrum of benefits. With 30% more PPF and high efficiency, all at a remarkable 20% cost reduction, Photonican establishes itself as a truly competitive option in the LED grow light market.

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Boosts Your Yields & Save Your Running Cost

Photonican constantly adapts and innovates to provide a large range of all-purpose commercial full spectrum LED grow lights and practical cultivation solutions for greenhouse, vertical farming and indoor horticulture cultivation.


Expand Your Business Into The Stratosphere

Photonican is committed to bringing you the best customer and product experience. We will try our best to concentrate on helping you sell more products, speed up your business, and maximize your revenue with our full spectrum grow lighting solutions.

Proven Quality, No Gimmicks. Get the authoritative and credible testing for best full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants.
  • I purchased one Aurora 2000 for my 4x4 grow tent, and it worked out fantastically! I am very pleased with the full spectrum LED grow lights' coverage, operating costs, and I have witnessed a significant increase in my yields within just one month. Furthermore, I am considering looking into more full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants for a future upgrade!"
    Cerritos, CA
  • "All I can say is this is a great LED grow light full spectrum product, I swapped out my Gavita lights, and the next week I was shocked!… It was amazing the difference I was observing. It delivers very even canopy coverage and deep penetration, if you wanna get the true 2g/w dry weight this is your light."
    Memphis, TN
  • "I've seen consistent increases in our yields, while our utility bills have significantly reduced. I only run Photonican LED full spectrum grow lights, and I've never had any issues. Their customer service is awesome. This light is as good as it gets right now across all factors. Highly recommended."
    Eugene, OR
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All-In-One Full Spectrum Lighting Solution for Every Cultivation
Best for large operation, especially for vertical farming.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best product experience, not only with great-quality products and outstanding efficiency but also with a better overall operational procedure. 

Large-scale operations, like vertical farming, involve growing plants vertically under a controlled indoor environment for maximum space utilization. This method allows you to produce crops all year round in any climate, maximize crop yields, and focus on improving the quality of crops. With Photonican full-spectrum LED grow lights and accessories, you'll save much time in setting up the grow room equipment as well as on labor costs.

Specifically, our full-spectrum LED plant lights offer significant advantages in large-scale cultivation. These lights are meticulously designed to optimize plant growth, ensuring that each unit delivers a precise full light spectrum and intensity tailored to the needs of various plants. With energy-efficient technology, our full-spectrum LED grow lights contribute to cost savings, while their longevity reduces the frequency of replacements. This results in a streamlined operational process, allowing for seamless and productive large-scale cultivation with our advanced full-spectrum LED plant lighting solutions.

Photonican also provides a built-in dimming system, power cable kit, group control system, and flexible hanger kits. Furthermore, we have a complete team to support your commercial grow plans and requirements.

<br><br>All-In-One Full Spectrum Lighting Solution for Every Cultivation
Why Photonican is Trusted by 1000+ Growers

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