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Maximize Your Benefits At Low Operating Cost Commercial LED Grow Light Photonican are here to commercial led grow lighting solution with 10 years of experience, we innovate to offer high-end lighting technology to increase your yield and significantly decrease your power consumption. Your will get a unprecedented high efficiency to magnify your ROI from Photonican ! Send Your Inquiry Today
What qualifies a commercial LED grow light ?

When choosing an LED Grow Light, you will need to focus high Photon Photosynthesis Flux (PPF) light output, high Photon Photosynthesis Efficacy (PPE), LED chips and drivers that with a great warranty. Certifications are always the basic information you need to focus.

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2000 μmol/s & 2.9 μmo/J
2000 μmol/s & 2.9 μmo/J

Cutting-edge high efficiency , delivers more PPF with less Power.

ETL & DLC certified
ETL & DLC certified

Safe to use, qualified by DLC Qualified Products List (QPL).

Rebate Program Available
Rebate Program Available

Save much purchase cost & operation cost.

7-24 On-time Service
7-24 On-time Service

We provide the best custom service in the industry.

What qualifies a commercial LED grow light ?
What qualifies a commercial LED grow light ?

We built our growing lab. located in New York, the USA to focus on growers' needs, we take this mission to heart and aim for increasing cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in higher quality flowers and higher extract yields.

Using Aurora Series will help you expand your growing business and get more money in your pocket. How can we do that ? We help you receive higher extract yields than any traditional LED lighting option and significantly increase terpene production for a higher content of CBD and THC, resulting in a better smell and better taste of crops.

High Yields = More Profits

When it comes to commercial cannabis growing, every grower should use affordable LED lighting fixtures and enjoy LED technology. It's not a secret that high yields equal more profits. With similar power usage, Aurora 2000 provides 30% more photons with 20% less cost.

DLC Certification Datas
Outstanding Grow Results
Outstanding Grow Results
Outstanding Grow Results
Outstanding Grow Results

Photonican offers industrial cannabis growers the most professional lighting solution with the high performance and maximum profits while reducing the utility bills no matter for indoor farming, vertical farming or greenhouse.

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Best for Large Operation
Best for Large Operation
Saving labor cost for setup and growing space
PHOTONICAN insists on using superior LED components to increase efficiency (higher level certified by DLC Qualified Products Lists) and offer high-performance, cost-effective LED lighting to commercial growers on an economic scale.

If it is not convincing enough, take a look at it's 3 inches ultra slim design which minimizes height on each grow layer and saves labor cost for setup.

Can be daisy chain up to 256 LED fixtures for group control, perfect for for greenhouse, vertical farm, indoor farm and such horticulture cultivation.
Innovative UVA & IR Recipe For Boosting CBD and THC Production
First, let's talk about UV. UVC (200-280nm) has the highest energy but can cause a lot of stress and fatal damage to plants. UVB (280-315nm) also has high energy which can damage proteins of plant cells, reduce plant height, blade areas and number of buds. UVA (315-400nm) has been shown to be very good for increasing the production of THC, CBD, CBN and terpenes of cannabis.

Secondly, the right amounts of infrared light can also be very effective in promoting robust stem growth, proper pitch, and more flowers and fruit.

That is why all we do is just to help you maximum your growth.
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Friendly use for vertical farm, indoor horticulture or greenhouse
Multiple Fixtures cost a lot of time to set up, we help you save time and labor cost at the very first place. In addition, we consider further unexpected warranty problem. Simple installation and uninstall will save the whole operation period and labor cost.
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