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Our Story

Andy, the founder of PHOTONICAN, who has been an indoor gardening enthusiast for 16 years, desiring to look for a qualified LED grow light for himself and friends’ gardens for crop improvements.

He had spent a lot of money and time but only discovered the LED grow lights on the market were over-hyped that produced limited common yields, and these had distressed him, that is why the PHTONICAN was founded. So we started to build a team with R&D engineers & Labs, and designed lighting equipments to help growers to get higher yields and better quality crops.

Seasons of tests and improvements were found in our PHOTONICAN Lab by our growing enthusiasts friends, we finalized the Aurora 2000 as our commercial grade LED grow light, which had achieved times of remarkable results. We have not only accomplished Aurora 2000, but also have learned other supplemental horticulture lights, such as greenhouse lights, indoor lights with IR UV and those with tuning spectrum functions.

In near future, we will keep producing innovative & professional horticulture lighting products to growers.


Written by WJM

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