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Valid Certification


Valid Certification

It is easy to get lost in choosing LEDs nowadays in such a sea of options, but with a certification filter, you'll find the right one. Let this post be your first guide!


Whether you are looking to match PPF wattage, or spectrum with an LED design, expand vertically, or simply improve crop quality and environmental control, there is an LED system out there that can fit any crop or goal. It takes a long period to find the accurate spectrum to match different kinds of crops. 


When talking about PPF and wattage or PPFD, people focus on different results. Warranty and safety have become the basic product requirement, so based on the LED popularizing rate, it challenges the engineers or even growers to get higher lighting efficiency. 


ETL is the essential certification to get into DLC listed. To avoid poor-quality LEDs choose a well-established manufacturer for your plants. The easiest way to weed out low-quality LEDs is to decide on products listed on the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL), which have been reviewed to verify that their output meets efficiency requirements and manufacturers’ claims for efficiency.


The DLC QPL is what utility companies use when determining which products are eligible for rebates – and you should, too! All fixtures on the QPL have efficiencies of ≥1.9 μmol/J, warranties of five(5) years or more, and safety certifications as ETL for North America, CE for other regions, etc. 


All PHOTONICAN commercial horticulture lighting products are ETL, cETL certified as well as DLC listed. The Aurora 2000 series is tested with results of 2.9 μmol/J with 2000 μmol/s by DLC QPL, and standing at a premium level among similar LED grow light products on the market.


While selecting a specific fixture or spectrum for your crops, PHOTONICAN experts are standing ready to assist you with scientific knowledge and technology. We are committed to being your trusted partner in the horticulture cultivation industry. You can contact our team to discuss your plan to meet maximum profits and smarter growth. 




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