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Best for All Kinds of Indoor Plants Horticulture LED Grow Light Photonican offers professional horticultural LED grow lights with the DLC & ETL certified highest efficiency (µmol/J) and targeted full spectrum for a variety of plants SHOP NOW
Your Best Horticulture LED Lights Suppliers
What Qulifies A Horticulture LED Grow Light ?
As we all know that almost all plants can grow well under the sun. Of course, there are many key factors involved, so we will focus on the most important point today: is the sun spectrum which is the best full spectrum, that is why so many businesses in the market would like to imitate the full spectrum.

Below are our strengths, you will get to know a quality horticulture led lights supplier should offer a balanced spectrum, sufficient light intensity (PPFD), energy efficiency, effective cooling, durability, adjustability, and appropriate size for the growing area. 
Maximum Yield but Less Cost

According to the research of DLC Qualified Products Lists, here shows the PPF comparison of different LED grow light Brands. With similar power usage, Photonican product offers maximum growth at minimum cost, a really competitive product in indoor horticulture lighting grow light market market.

All-Purpose Full Spectrum

Our professional horticulture lighting specific spectrum offers a balanced irradiation of blue, green and especially a high irradiation of red photons, makes it be the best for yields increase photosynthesis stimulation and disease prevention.

No matter what kind of plants you grow and what growing stages your plants are on, our all-purpose spectrum will enable you to get higher yields with outstanding color, shape and taste for a variety of plants.

Don't Just Take Our Words
  • "I recently acquired an Aurora 2000 horticulture LED grow light for my 4x4 grow tent, and the results have exceeded my expectations! The light coverage is excellent, the operating costs are reasonable, and I've witnessed significant improvements in my yields within just a month. I'm extremely satisfied with the performance. Additionally, I'm contemplating exploring more lighting options for a potential future upgrade."
    Cerritos, CA
  • "I must express my enthusiasm for this outstanding product. After replacing my Gavita lights with this horticulture lighting group option, I was genuinely astounded by the remarkable difference I observed the very next week. The light provides remarkably even canopy coverage and deep penetration, making it the ideal choice for achieving a true 2 grams per watt dry weight. If you're aiming for optimal results, this light is the way to go."
    Memphis, TN
  • "We've experienced steady growth in yields, coupled with a substantial reduction in utility bills ever since we switched to Photonican LEDs. I exclusively rely on their products and have encountered no issues. Their customer service is top-notch. Currently, this horticulture LED light stands out across all aspects, making it a highly recommended choice. It's truly the best option available, considering factors such as performance, energy efficiency, and customer support."
    Eugene, OR
Best horticulture led lights suppliers for all cultivation
Best horticulture led lights suppliers for all cultivation
Best horticulture led lights suppliers for all cultivation
Best horticulture led lights suppliers for all cultivation The Photonican all-purpose LED grow lights stand out as highly beneficial for cultivating cannabis, fruits, and vegetables in diverse settings, including vertical farming, indoor grow rooms, or greenhouses. As a trusted horticulture LED lights supplier in the USA, Photonican ensures top-notch performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of crops and cultivation environments.
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