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Space-Saving & Maximum Canopy Vertical LED Grow Light Aurora 2000 680W led grow light with ultra slim fixture design, 2000 μmol/s high efficiency output. It's the ideal vertical farming led lighting solution for your future grow expansion and vertical farming transformation. SHOP NOW
We Are Here To Vertical Farming Solution With 10 Years Of Experience

As we all know, nowadays a lot of indoor vertical farmers mainly use LED lightings, many studies have also shown that LED grow lights are much better than natural sunlight, it can create a perfect environment for large-scale planting.

LED grow lights feature a shorter growth cycles and higher yields, one of the biggest advantages of LEDs is that they are very energy efficient which can reduce energy usage by up to 70%, also can help growers significantly save utilities costs.

One-step solution for your vertical farming LED grow light
Saving Space & Maximize Canopies

Best of all, the Aurora 2000 reduces fixture costs and improves operating efficiencies with up to 2.9 μmol/J efficacy and delivers 2000 μmol/s with only 680 watt power consumption.

Furthermore, Aurora 2000 delivers 1740μmol/s when running at 88% power, which means your growth space could expand more canopies for even higher yields under limited Ampere.

One-step solution for your vertical farming LED grow light
Save space and cost
Save space and cost
Friendly Setup for Saving Labor Cost
1. Easy installation, Plug and Play, no need with professional skills.

2. Also can be hanged vertically fits for growing in vertical rack.

3. Save time and tools in any growing space.
Photonican Best Sell of Vertical Farming Lightings
Unique Design For Your Vertical Farming Project
The Aurora Series LED Grow Light is designed for multi-layer & one layer indoor farming. Vertical growing system is future of indoor growing because of saving planar spaces and maximize vertical space. Aurora 2000 is with only 3 inches height dimension itself to minimize height on each grow layer, and able to daisy-chain up to max 256 LED fixtures for group control. It saves on set up costs and climate heat from the grow room.
Unique design
Unique design
The luxurious feel of the science & technology
LED grow light bar reaches protective class IP65
3” height slimming design for space maximization
Smart Control
Smart Control
Flexible driver design and built-in timer control
What Our Customer Say
  • " Excellent high-quality lights, I recommend them. the plants like the vertical LED lights a lot. The company is very customer service friendly, and worth the money I am gonna b ordering more of these LED lights. "
    From USA
  • " Excited to see how this Photonican vertical grow light helps grow as we get into the exciting time of the flower stage. I was very impressed that how cool it is runing, and it is very easy setup and space saving. "
    From UK
  • " I replaced my Luxx LED grow light with this Aurora 2000, and it is at least 3 times more light than my old one, the light penetrates down below the canopy deeply as you won't believe, recommend it ! "
    From CA
Vertical LED Grow Lights Farming Benefits

First, it saves land, and the vertical multi-layer can maximize the use of space and light.

Second, there is no requirement for the level of soil fertility, and it can be planted directly in the city.

Third, it has lower requirements for climate, it can artificially control light, temperature and humidity, also can accelerate the growth of crops.

Fourth, the growth of crops is relatively stable and the appearance is better.

Fifth, under the condition of good management, there are fewer pests and diseases.

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Excellent Uniformity
Excellent Uniformity Vertical lighting provides the best uniformity that owes to their high output and wide range of beam angles.
Energy Costs Reduction
Energy Costs Reduction The biggest advantage of vertical LED light is that they use less energy, but is incredibly high efficient.
Space & Yield Maximization
Space & Yield Maximization Growing food in vertical stacks has the benefits of producing the maximum yields at minimum growing spaces.
Optimum Environment
Optimum Environment Vertical farming has high controllability for you to manage humidity, heat, air quality and lighting conditions better.
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