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Best Grow Light For 4x4 Tent 4x4 Grow Light Optimize growth with our top-tier 4x4 tent grow lights boasting 2.9 µmol/J, 2000 µmol/s, DLC, and ETL verification. SHOP NOW
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The Aurora 2000 LED 4x4 grow light delivers a high efficient PPFD and fits for all kind of 4x4 indoor horticulture application, also you can use it for 4x8 vertical rack farming.
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Price includes all to Continental US. Aurora 2000 grow light is a high performance and cost-effective lighting solution for indoor cultivation. Featuring a Broad Spectrum for superior growing power.

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Balance In Light
Why Choose Photonican 4ft LED Grow Lights ?

Photonican offers the best LED grow lights for 4x4 coverage, catering to different plant types and various cultivation environments. We provide diverse cultivation solutions, including the best spectrum and the highest PPFD, ensuring the highest yield at the lowest cost.

Photonican is also dedicated to developing high-end and lightweight fixtures, streamlining the setup process and offering cost-saving operations for growers. If you're in the market for a 4x4 grow light or the best grow lights for a 4x4 tent, consider PHOTONICAN Lightings as your optimal choice when purchasing a 4ft LED grow light.

Here is the PPF comparison table of different LED grow light brands at similar power usage. The Photonican Aurora 2000 stands out, delivering almost 2000μmol/s and an outstanding efficacy of 2.9μmol/J at 680W. It proves to be a truly competitive LED lighting fixture compared to other brands in the market. If you're seeking the best LED grow light for 4x4 coverage, consider the Photonican Aurora 2000 as a top choice.

Highest Yielding Light But Less Cost

First, you need to know exactly which ones to get, especially if you are growing fruit plants, particularly medical plants that thrive with a lot of red light. What you don't want is a light just using a universal full spectrum. Photonican offers a targeted full spectrum with ultra-high red peaks, making it an ideal choice for a 4x4 LED grow light. This results in outstanding photosynthesis stimulation and increased yields, making it the best light for a 4x4 grow tent.

Ultra-high Red Beyond Full Spectrum
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