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Best Buy For 5x5 Grow Light Fixture Now !
See what the authorities say about our best led grow light for 5x5 tent
Welcome to Photonican Lighting
Why Choose Photonican 5x5 Grow Tent Lighting ?
• Achieving the highest efficacy of 3.08+ μmol/J, our 5x5 grow light offers industrial-level performance.
• Available in 680-1000 watt lighting options, it delivers up to 2000-3000+ μmol per second with exceptional efficiency.
• The full-spectrum output, enriched with SAMSUNG LM301H EVO 437nm, far red and extra high red, caters to optimal plant growth. 
• A built-in dimmer supports plants throughout their growth cycle, minimizing electricity costs.
• With its slim 3" height design, it ensures easy installation and maximizes 5x5 grow spaces.

This table compares PPF across different brands certified by DLC Qualified Products Lists. Photonican stands out for superior efficiency and lower costs in 5x5 grow light power usage.

Certified by DLC Qualified Products

Photonican full spectrum 5x5 LED grow light can offer you a balanced cannabis-centric indoor spectrum and high efficiency, with an enhanced 437nm peak wavelength, 660nm deep red, and an additional 730nm infrared red light to enhance the potential development of buds and harvests crops with superior crop quality. 

We don’t claim to mimic the sunlight, but effectively replace the sunlight with a specific and targeted spectrum but consume less power to drive high yields and premium quality for any plants in any environment.


#1 Highest PPFD Value Compared with Similar Watts 5x5 Grow Lights
Project Success Depends on Customer Satisfaction
  • "This grow light is a game-changer! The 5x5 coverage area is just right, I didn't like the spectrum, and with the addition of the Samsung LM301H EVO 437nm and the powerful far red, my plants are thriving like never before. High PPFD and high potency result in significantly higher yields and terpene ratios. love it!"
    John Smith
    John Smith
    Cannabis Growers
  • "This 5x5 grow light is awesome! The coverage is perfect for my grow tent the spectrum is great and the light effect is potent. Due to the high PPFD and high potency, I noticed a significant increase in yield and total terpene ratio. I highly recommend it!"
    Planting Enthusiast
  • "Absolutely the best grow light I have ever used! The 5x5 grow tent lighting coverage ensures that all plants are evenly lit, and the specially tuned spectrum, powerful output, high PPFD, and high efficiency have greatly improved the yield and quality of my cannabis harvest. I am very satisfied!"
    Cannabis Indoor Growers
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