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Full Spectrum Best LED Grow Light For 5x5 Coverage 5x5 Grow Light Photonican offers high PPF, high efficiency, high red full spectrum grow lights for 5x5 LED grow tent SHOP NOW
Best Buy For 5x5 Grow Light Fixture Now !
You can use the Aurora 2000/2500 grow light for a 5x5 tent or any 5x5 indoor growing area. It will also perform well in a 4x8 vertical rack and produce bigger crops.

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Best LED Light Setup For A 5x5 Grow Tent

Price includes all to Continental US. Aurora 2000 grow light is a high performance and cost-effective lighting solution for indoor cultivation. Featuring a Broad Spectrum for superior growing power.


The PHOTONICAN Pandora smart lighting controller is simple, and the system is easy to expand upon. It's specifically for ALL PHOTONICAN Lighting Fixtures, and the system can control most grow lights brands.

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Why Choose Photonican 5x5 Grow Tent Lighting ?
• Achieving the highest efficacy of 2.9 μmol/J, this 5x5 grow light offers industrial-level performance.
• Operating at 680 watts, it delivers up to 2000 μmol per second with exceptional efficiency.
• The full-spectrum output, enriched with extra high red, caters to optimal plant growth. • A built-in dimmer supports plants through their entire growth cycle, minimizing electricity costs.
• With its slim 3" height design, it ensures easy installation and maximizes 5x5 grow spaces.

This table compares PPF across different brands certified by DLC Qualified Products Lists. Photonican stands out for superior efficiency and lower costs in 5x5 grow light power usage.

Certified by DLC Qualified Products

#1 Highest PPFD Value Compared with Similar Watts 5x5 Grow Lights

A full spectrum 5x5 LED grow light can offer you the balanced spectrum and a high efficiency but consumes less power.

Photonican grow light fixtures don’t claim to mimic the sunlight, but effectively replace the sunlight with a specific and targeted spectrum to drive high yields and premium quality for any plants in any environment.


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5x5 Grow Light

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